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Dolphin World Tours

in association with other tour operators and suppliers has created a number of special tours, designed to bring you up close and personal with the cultures, the people, and the history of the countries included. All these tours will be hosted by a Dolphin World Travel representative from North America, or locally at the point of arrival. We offer two types of tours; Customized Individual Tours, or Group Tours. For more information see the heading "TOUR TYPES"

South America

We offer you a number of different options; you can enjoy each country on its own, or regions, or all of South America as you wish. The countries that we currently offer are, Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. You can combine countries. The combinations we offer are Ecuador and Peru; Peru and Bolivia; Chile & Argentina; Argentina and Brazil. We also offer a circle South America program featuring all the countries mentioned above except Bolivia. We also offer an extension to Antarctica from Argentina. Call for information.


We offer mainly cultural and history tours of Mexico, ranging from short Mexico City stays, to Colonial City combinations. We also offer cultural tours which explore Mexico's ancient & modern cultures, covering regions from Oaxaca to Mexico's Yucatan. Tours vary in duration from a few days to two or three weeks.


We feature Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. We offer specific country tours, and combinations based on cultural themes or special interest such as birding, diving, culture & history. Generally, tour durations are from 7 to 14 nights.



Our main tour destinations in Africa are Egypt, Kenya & Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Africa (including Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe). To these areas, we offer individual as well as group tours. Tour durations are from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the area covered. We also offer Morocco and Tunisia for small groups.


Many tours to Britain and Europe are available on this site for online booking through our tour partners. We do however, from time to time, organize special interest theme tours focusing on special interest. These may range from history and culture to the paranormal. Call us for details

Tours are categorized in two groups. Independent tours, (FIT), and Group Tours. We offer both types. Our group tours usually feature upscale properties, and include most meals, incidental tipping, and a comprehensive sightseeing program. While we can customize FIT's to the point where they are completely privately operated, we tend to work with tour partners who have existing tours, and combine these so that you can enjoy a relatively flexible program, while still receiving the benefit of group prices. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Religious Tours
Click the above link to access our Religious Tour pages.



We work with our tour partners to provide you exciting options in this vast continent. We offer independent and group tours to Hong Kong and China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and India. Some countries such as China and India, are so large that it is impossible to see them in one visit. We have many different options and combinations of tours in this area. Independent tours can be customized inexpensively to suit your specific needs. Group tours are offered at different times of the year. call us for details and pricing.


South Pacific
Many areas in the South Pacific are available for online booking through our tour partners, however, we do from time to time feature special themed tours featuring specific cultural elements of the area such as the Maori Culture of New Zealand, and the Aborigine Culture of Australia. We also arrange private groups (as we do to all the countries mentioned on this page) for affinity groups. Call for details and pricing.