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There are several different types of cruises, and then some! We have sorted the various cruises available into groups for those of you who have not cruised extensively to make it easier to identify and select a type of cruise, or region.
Alaska Cruises
Alaska cruises are seasonal, and departures are from Late April to mid November. Departure points are from Vancouver in Canada, and Seattle in the United States. There are two basic types of Alaska Cruises. Inside Passage cruises, and one way Glacier cruises (requiring a flight either to or from Alaska). Most cruises are for 7 nights, although shorter and longer cruises are sometimes available.
Caribbean Cruises
Perhaps the most popular of all cruises. The bulk of cruise traffic in this region occurs in the winter months - typically from October through April. There are still cruises available during the summer months, and quite often some of the best deals are in the summer. Ships sail from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, and San Juan (Puerto Rico)
European Cruises
European cruises are divided into two major groups - those that ply the Mediterranean, and those that sail Northern Europe and the Baltic. Cruises last 7 to 14 days or longer, depending on the region. Mediterranean cruises cover the Western or Eastern Mediterranean, and some are region specific. Northern European cruises cover Scandinavia, or the Baltic which includes a visit to St. Petersburg in Russia. These cruises are available in the summer only.
Hawaiian Cruises
These cruises are perhaps the best and most economical way to get a snapshot view of all the major Hawaiian Islands. Cruises are typically 1 week in duration, although there a few longer cruises, and some that begin or end in North America. Cruises are available year round.
Mexican Riviera Cruises
These one week cruises ply from California to the Pacific Mexican coast, including ports such as Mazatlan and Acapulco. A fun way to discover Mexico, and enjoy cruising at the same time. These cruises are offered year round.
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Exotic Cruises

This category of cruising covers all those that are not mentioned on the left, including cruises to the Amazon, Panama Canal, the Antarctic, South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Africa, Theme Cruises and Round-the-world cruises. Cruise durations range from 10 days to 31 days or more.


River and Small Ship Cruises

River cruises, and small ship cruises are special in that they are able to go where the big ships can't and in so doing, they are able to give you many of the benefits of cruising and at the same time bring you up close and personal with the regions they cover.


Repositioning Cruises

As the name implies, these cruises are on the way from somewhere to somewhere else. they are usually one way cruises. This category of cruises include Transatlantic, Pacific Coastal, Round South America, and Panama Canal Transits. Cruise durations vary from3 days to 21 days or more.